Woodlands Farmers Market

We are in our 4th week of the Woodlands Farmers Market. Come by and see us on Saturdays between 8 am and Noon. It is located in the  Grogan’s Mill shopping center in the Woodlands. We have a lot of fun meeting new people and selling quality veggies. There are about 14 vendors usually there with 3-4 selling produce. There are  folks selling Orchids, Soap, Jewelry, Dog Treats and several items.

We would like to thank Mike Atkinson for the tour of his great farm. Mike’s farm is Atkinson Farms on Spring Cypress in Spring. He grows commercially for Grocers and Markets. He has his own fruit and vegatable stand on his farm open to the public . Mike grows all his veggies the conventional way.

We were able to get some great ideas on planting and irrigation that we can use on our farm that do not require commercial fertilizers or pesticides. We learned a lot about the different pests we are facing and have been able to research organic means to control them. 


CSA is going well, we are going into the 6th week. We have heard some great comments on the quality of the veggies in the basket. We will soon have tomatoes, cucumber, beans, okra, corn and lot of other new veggies for the market and the CSA baskets. Fruit coming blackberries, blueberries and maybe some peaches or plums.

Hope to see you at the market!


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The first of 12 CSA baskets.

Seasonal eating – my grandparents did it. I want to do it. They lived and farmed in a small east Texas town. As a kid my parents would load up me and my brothers and head for Nanny & Pawpaw’s farm. The house is a typical old Texas farmhouse – big front porch and a dog run. Now this farm came complete with a well right by the back porch and of course an outhouse. Boy was I ever so glad when they had indoor plumbing put in. That outhouse gave me the willies – especially when I was greeted by a BIG chicken snake but then that’s another story. A large garden was in the backyard and the fields were planted in black eyed peas and creamer peas. I get hungry just thinking about it. Our lunch was usually fresh caught fish, seasonal fresh vegetables from the garden and a big pitcher of ice tea. Boy, I really miss those days.

As we prepare for our next CSA delivery I look back on my younger days and realize those were the building blocks of what I am so passionate about! I know they would be proud of what I learned on their farm!

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Busy as Bees!!!!

It’s true!!! I’m not getting any younger. Every inch of my body aches after working in the field. Farm work has gotten the best of me. It’s time to recruit some new help. I’m extremely proud of my new little recruits. Yes, the bees arrived at the farm Friday night before the awful Saturday stormy weather. They have settled in and are doing just fine. I find myself hypnotized by their every move. Man do they stay busy. Oh, this would be a good time to plug my new outdoor T.V. programming guide. Last week it was the Bovine channel. Today it’s the Apiary channel. These amazing little creatures will do wonders for our farm.  bees1.jpg 

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